Chapter 1 Estate Planning

Chapter 2 Primary Reason to Have a Trust – Protect Your Family from the Ultimate Nightmare

Chapter 3 Examples of Bad Estate Planning by the Rich & Famous

Chapter 4 Family Asset Protection Checklist

Chapter 5 How to Determine Who Will Inherit Your Assets if You Die without a Will or Trust

Chapter 6 Ten Reasons to Sign a Will or a Trust

Chapter 7 Trusts Explained from A to Z

Chapter 8 Funding Your Trust

Chapter 9 Trustees Explained

Chapter 10 Three Stages in the Life of a Married Couple’s Trust

Chapter 11 What Happens to the Trust After the First Spouse Dies?

Chapter 12 Two Stages in the Life of a Single Person’s Trust

Chapter 13 The Gift Trust: How & Why to Give Property to Kids in a Trust that Gives Life-time Asset Protection

Chapter 14 Federal Estate Tax

Chapter 15 How to Prevent the IRS from Getting 40% of Life Insurance

Chapter 16 Contents & Cost of an Estate Plan with a Trust Our Family Protection Plan

Chapter 17 Special Needs Trusts

Chapter 18 How to Hire Us to Create an Estate Plan with a Trust

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